Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Pet Peeve


Sharing a bathroom with other girls is something I have grown to despise after living in a dorm. I will not get into details, because its kinda nasty, though I will go off on one tangent...

I have deemed those who do not replace the roll of toilet paper after finishing it the laziest of all people. Don't get me wrong. I have done this many a times myself, but I have since stopped. I have pledged to replace the roll.

Why is it so difficult to replace the toilet paper roll? It adds a mere 10 seconds to your bathroom experience. For some reason we are so incredibly bothered by the fact that we have to replace the roll of toilet paper with a new one and I just don't understand why.

It especially irritates me in the bathroom I currently use. The way in which my bathroom is set up, the new rolls are right next to the toilet. They're not under a sink in a cabinet, they're not even in a closet-- they are 5 inches away from you. You do not even have to lift your bum from the toilet to replace the toilet paper roll. It couldn't be more simple.

So please, next time you see this unsightly sight above, take care of it. It's just polite. Don't be that person.

Replace the roll.

Pointless rant over.

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