Friday, May 31, 2013

This Month

I cannot believe this month is over. So many wonderful things have happened in May! I finished my first year of college, turned 19, saw my brother graduate, and finally started my own blog. Thank you guys for stopping by and reading about what's going on in my crazy life. It means so much to me that you all take time to read & follow & comment. Here are a few more photos from this month, as well as a little video!

It rained on our 10 hour road trip to Maryland.

At the Darius Rucker concert. Not pictured: the old drunk man dancing next to us.

Taking a break from exploring USNA.

Such a lovely view.

The Bay Bridge-- I think we crossed this about 1000 times on our trip.

Kayak discovery: a random field to explore.

A sweet snapshot from graduation. I'm so proud of that guy.

This doesn't do it justice, but the New Moon was big and beautiful!

Last day of enjoying the sun in Annapolis.

The most amazing doughnuts I've ever had. Yum.

SPARKLERS! Because hey, why not?

I put together a quick video of our trip to Maryland! I hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog Loving

For this month's final Thursday theme, I wanted to talk about my favorite bloggers! I've been reading blogs for about 3 or 4 years now, and there are some old favorites that I've grown to love over time. Just recently, with starting my own blog, I have found some new favorites that I'd love to share with you all as well. Click on their photos to see their blogs, I know you won't be disappointed!

You can also check out the rest of the "favorites" from this month: a few of My Favorites, My Favorite Movies, and Beauty & Fashion Favorites.

What would you like to see in future Thursday themes? And who are some of your favorite bloggers?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healthy Eating

If you read this post, then you might be aware that I'm trying to get back into a healthy routine. This past week I was in Annapolis, and I must confess, I ate a lot of food. A lot. So, to jump start this healthy routine I am going on the Daniel Fast Diet, which I have done in the past. I know fad diets are not the answer to weight loss or anything of that sort, but I think it'll really help me get into that routine I want to. This will be the boost that I need, and then I will be on my own to make healthy choices.

You can read more about the diet on their website here, but I'll give you the general outlines. The diet I am following is actually one that my mom cut out in a health magazine way back and I think it is a little different from the one on the website. You have a few meal options you can choose from as your main meals, and you can eat as many fruits, veggies, or nuts as you please. The only beverage you drink is water, and you don't eat any meat. Really, I don't see it as a "diet." You're basically just eating whole grains, fruits, veggies, and water, and the meal options are helpful to keep you on track and add a little variety.

I'd love to talk about this more if you guys are interested. Just let me know! I think it's a 21 day diet, but I'll be starting it today and continuing through the end of June. If anything, I'll let you guys know what results I see at the end of the month. I'm also going to be exercising along with this, and I'll definitely let you all know how that's going. I'm really excited to be starting!

The photos above are not mine! All were found on Pinterest.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On My Nails: Bikini So Teeny

Wearing blue on my nails was very different for me, but I love it! And can you imagine, this is my first Essie polish? I have to say that I prefer the bigger brush on this Sally Hansen polish for painting my fingernails though. It took two coats to get a really opaque look. I am having one problem, and you might be able to see in the pictures-- my polish keeps getting these tiny bubbles in them. I think it might be the base coat I'm using, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I love the color. I think it fulfills part of my childhood obsession with Cinderella.

What are some of your favorite Essie polishes?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Today my family and I are traveling home after a long and wonderful week. We got to spend the week enjoying each other's company, eating way too much food, and seeing my brother graduate. Seeing all of the men and women graduate from the USNA and getting commissioned was amazing. It makes me so proud and so thankful for those who choose to serve our country and do something incredible. Be sure to say a little prayer or send good thoughts their way today, and to the families of those who have passed. There are people who put their lives at risk everyday for our freedom, and we need to remember to be so very thankful of that.

What will you be doing on your day off?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Photo Friday

Sorry this post is up late, but I think I have a pretty good excuse. I had to get to bed because this morning my brother graduated! My stinky brother, can you imagine? He graduated from the United States Naval Academy and is now a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I'll be sharing some pictures of that very soon, but here are a few from the rest of the week! Happy Friday, have a great long weekend!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sandals, Sundresses, and Lip Salves

Continuing with the Thursday themes (you can check out my last ones here and here), today I wanted to share my beauty and fashion favorites with you all. I learned one of two things while making this post. 1. The majority of my closet is from Target and 2. I am terrible at posing. With that being said, lets hope I expand my wardrobe and take a few lessons on posing. I'll get there... hopefully.

I have a huge head, and a big nose, so it's hard to find glasses that look good on me. I've found that aviators suit me well. I got these for $10 at a beach store, but here is a similar pair from UO.

{Wonderstruck & Daisy Perfumes}
I love both of the Wonderstruck perfumes, but I only have a few uses left on the original and I decided to leave it at home. Before I bought this roller ball of Daisy I would douse myself in samples at all the department stores. So good.

These are always going to be a staple in my wardrobe. They're so effortless and comfortable; I just can't get enough. The three of these are all from Target, of course. I know for sure that the polka dot one is still available here.

{Rose Salve}
I've tried 3 different kinds of lip salves, and C.O. Bigelow's is by far my favorite. The strawberry one is included in here too because I do like it as well (mostly because it smells like a strawberry smoothie).

You can never have too many pairs of sandals. The two on the outside are from Target and I got my Rainbows at a random store in the mall. Sorry for their appearance, but they've held up pretty well over the years!

{CG Mascaras} 
CoverGirl mascaras are some of the best that I've ever tried. These two have definitely become my favorites. I do like a more natural makeup look, and these are perfect for that.

I apologize for my awkward posing, but I had to share my love for jeggings. They're so comfy! It's like wearing pajamas, but you don't look like a crazy person. I got these from Target, along with a black pair.

Last but not least, the eyeshadows. I absolutely love these: the Naked palette, the CoverGirl Shimmering Sands trio, and the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush. I feel like these products have gotten a lot of love here on the interwebs, but I can see why.

Let me know what some of your favorites are! I'd really love to try them out.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Keep Calm and Kayak On

I think this time of year gets pretty crazy for a lot of people -- school ends, graduation parties begin, and time flies by before you know it. High school kids are getting ready to transition to college and college kids are all worrying about their futures. Then there are the concerned parents who just want their kids to be happy and grow and succeed. Today was a nice break from the busy week we have planned around graduation. We spent the day kayaking, stuffing our faces at a grad party, and having dinner with my brother's girlfriend and her sweet family. I'm really thankful for days like this; amidst a hectic week we had a day to relax and enjoy the people around us.

p.s. If you're not able to escape from the stress, I've included a picture of a 9 week old Yellow Lab who decided to come visit. Hope that brightens your day a bit. :)

I mean, just look at that face.