Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope today brings you happiness and very full tummies. I have sort of taken a break from blogging this week, but I have very exciting news that may or may not involve Christmas (hint: it does)! However, today is about giving thanks... and although we may be decorating our tree tonight, I'm going to try to focus on this great holiday. Go eat some turkey! And remember to count all of the wonderful blessings you have. Have a wonderful day! 
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Photo Friday

Well I'm so glad the weekend is here. It's been a crazy couple weeks, and the craziness isn't quite over yet. As usual, here are some pictures for you to feast your eyes upon. I've had so much fun celebrating with my friends, getting to go home, and getting in the holiday spirit. It's been a ton of fun. Let me know what your plans are for the weekend. I hope it's wonderful!

My partner in crime turned 20! Go check out her blog, Yankee Doodle Vicky

 Red cups are upon us. 'Tis the season!

Me and Katie (aka Kitty) rocking our super cool hats.

I'm sure I'll do a post about it later, but this sweater is my favorite thing.

 I missed this dog so much. She sat right by my bed when I was going to sleep.

It was so good to see my mumsy too. Isn't she lovely?

 We visited the Botanical Gardens for a bit! So gorgeous.

This broke my heart. When I left home with my mom, Hershey just stared at us. Thank goodness I get                                                           to see her in a couple days.

I couldn't wait to decorate. My dorm room has been Christmas-ified.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Omelette You Finish...

Today's post is a little bit different. I've made another YouTube video, so you can check that out down below, but it's a cooking video -- a new series I'm calling Cooking with Molly. Original, I know. Today's episode is all about omelettes. I've shared a few different food related posts on here before, but now you can watch me struggle to properly make it. Oh, the joy. I've really enjoyed making videos lately, so let me know how you like it! If you have a YouTube channel of your own, leave a link below! I'd love to check it out.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Over the weekend I got to travel home for the first time in three months. Have I said that already? I'm sorry, it was just so nice to be back. I basically stayed in all weekend and hung out with Hershey (my dog), but Sunday I got to spend a lovely day with my mom. We went to see Captain Phillips and sobbed, took a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, and then ate downtown at one of our favorite spots (that has the most amazing fries you'll ever eat). I know I get to go home in a week for Thanksgiving, but I miss that place already.

Monday, November 18, 2013


So here's what happened. Last night I was looking for some inspiration for today's blog post, and instead of heading to Pinterest like I normally do, I went to my Tumblr. I started looking through all of my "likes," looking for something profound. After a minute of scrolling I realized it was mainly just sappy quotes, Finding Nemo gifs, and pictures of Taylor Swift. I tried to find something incredibly insightful that wasn't just about me thinking about life at 3 in the morning, but it didn't work. Here's a picture of Taylor instead. She's kind of my favorite, and I'm sure I'll fangirl over her at a later time, so for now here's a picture of her hair flipping while singing All Too Well. A favorite of mine, of course. Is this incredibly random? Perhaps. Also I'm very sleepy, but that's nothing new.

Oh yes, Happy Monday. Sorry for the rambling.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going Home

All week I've been feeling kind of blah, but things are turning around. Today I get to go back home for the first time in over 3 months, and I couldn't be more happy. I think that's the longest I've ever been away from my family and my house and of course my dog. I just can't wait. It's definitely the little things that have been getting me through this week. Never underestimate those. Try to take a second to remember the little happy things today, and I promise it'll help you out of any blah mood. For starters, weekend is almost here!

"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." -Khalil Gibran

Friday, November 8, 2013

Photo Friday

It's been a long week, but a good one. On Wednesday I thought it would never end, and now I can't believe I was in Atlanta a week ago. It's crazy how time flies. For now I want to keep things short and sweet, so here are a few of my Instagram photos from the past couple weeks. Happy happy happy Friday!

My lovely office view. It's not as cool as The Office, but it works just fine.

Throwing it back to Halloween. Gotta Catch 'Em All.

So glad I got to see my best friend and my daddio last weekend. Much needed.

Someone finally spelled it right. ;)

Saying goodbye to Atlanta.

Accessorizing like a pro.

sdw3I would like to give a shoutout to the birthday girl, Victoria, who just started her own blog. Check out Sarah's as well! It's not her birthday, but she's cool I guess. Be sure to follow my social media sites below! And have a marvelous weekend!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fit Bit: Starting Simple

I've come to the conclusion that battling with weight and eating healthy and having a healthy routine will always be a big struggle for me. I always have that "Monday" theory-- I start to have a good week, slip up once, and start over again when it's convenient. That method really doesn't work, because being healthy requires a lifestyle change, and I just want it to happen over night. So, I want to start doing these Fit Bit posts every so often, to share with you guys, and honestly (hopefully) just to keep me on track. To start out, here are a few tips that I'm starting to incorporate in my life.

There is no secret. Eating right and exercising daily is the answer to a healthy lifestyle. It seems so simple, but simplicity is the key.

Find a buddy. If working out is something you struggle with, try to have a friend who will keep you on track. You can help each other along the way. (Thanks, Vicky!)

Don't completely deprive yourself of what you love. I've set a rule for myself that I won't eat sweets or drink sodas during the week. I have a huge sweet tooth, so if I didn't allow myself to indulge, I'd be an unhappy camper. With that being said, don't overdo it. Remember, it's a lifestyle change.

Start a routine. I'm in college, so my gym is a two minute walk from my dorm room. It's easy for me to go, but easy for me to ignore it. So, having a set time of day to go to the gym or attend a fitness class will help you stay on track.

I'm sure these are tips you've all heard before, but that means they've got to work, right? Let me know some of your healthy living tips below!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Basics

I live in Georgia, so we are just getting to the point where we have to pull out our jackets and scarves in preparation for the colder weather. Even though tomorrow it could be 80 degrees out (thank you bipolar weather), for now I'm loving the cold weather. It gives me an excuse to layer up, and make a list of things I need to get for the coming months (I currently only have 2 pairs of pants).

Forever 21 Thick Striped Infinity Scarf: This would be great to throw on with anything. Navy & white is always a classic combination, and infinity scarves are great because there's no fuss.

Old Navy Classic Peacoat: I'm in love with the classic fit of this jacket, but also the beautiful wine color. It sort of serves as a neutral color, worn with black, brown, or navy, so you won't have to stuff a million different coats in your closet.

Just Fab Liza Boot: I've been eyeing these boots for a few winters now. I like that these aren't your classic riding boot, but still could be paired with several different outfits. I do wear more black than brown nowadays, so I'm not sure how much wear I'd get out of them.

Urban Outfitter's Flannel Shirt: It could be red, blue, green, high-end, low-end... whatever. No matter what, get yourself a flannel shirt. It is the comfiest, coziest shirt you will wear all winter.

Target Jeggings: I've talked about these before, but I wear them almost every day. I'm not sure how great these would be for someone who lives up North, but for me these are an essential. I just recently tore a hole in one pair, so I'm only down to one. Target, please restock your jeggings.

Target Beanie: Another Target find, but I really want this beanie. It's a fun color to wear on a cold day, and a great fix for bed head.

Let me know what some of your winter basics are! Ooh, and what are your favorite pair of boots?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

This weekend I got to go to Georgia Tech Homecoming, and it was quite the fun time. My dad played for GT when he was in college, so while he hung out with his old teammates, I got to stay with Anna! We got to catch up, tailgate, cheer on the jackets, and eat delicious food truck food. It was a glorious time. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It went by so fast. Can you believe we're already a few days in to November?

I hope you all are having an amazing week!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo Friday

This week has been a pretty cool one so far. Although I've known what I wanted to major & minor in since I came to school, I officially did it this week! I am now (officially) a Media Studies major with a Photography minor. I'm pretty dang happy about it. Today I'm headed to Atlanta for Georgia Tech's homecoming... but mainly to see my best friend Anna. I can't wait. Plus, it's officially November! We are one month away from Christmastime people, get ready. And in honor of me officially declaring my major/minor, I thought I'd share some work from my Pinhole Photography class for today's Photo Friday. I'll probably do a more in depth post about Pinhole later on, but this is what I have for now!

Happy November! I hope you have a spectacular weekend.