Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fit Bit: Starting Simple

I've come to the conclusion that battling with weight and eating healthy and having a healthy routine will always be a big struggle for me. I always have that "Monday" theory-- I start to have a good week, slip up once, and start over again when it's convenient. That method really doesn't work, because being healthy requires a lifestyle change, and I just want it to happen over night. So, I want to start doing these Fit Bit posts every so often, to share with you guys, and honestly (hopefully) just to keep me on track. To start out, here are a few tips that I'm starting to incorporate in my life.

There is no secret. Eating right and exercising daily is the answer to a healthy lifestyle. It seems so simple, but simplicity is the key.

Find a buddy. If working out is something you struggle with, try to have a friend who will keep you on track. You can help each other along the way. (Thanks, Vicky!)

Don't completely deprive yourself of what you love. I've set a rule for myself that I won't eat sweets or drink sodas during the week. I have a huge sweet tooth, so if I didn't allow myself to indulge, I'd be an unhappy camper. With that being said, don't overdo it. Remember, it's a lifestyle change.

Start a routine. I'm in college, so my gym is a two minute walk from my dorm room. It's easy for me to go, but easy for me to ignore it. So, having a set time of day to go to the gym or attend a fitness class will help you stay on track.

I'm sure these are tips you've all heard before, but that means they've got to work, right? Let me know some of your healthy living tips below!

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