Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adventures in Annapolis (Day One)

In just a few days, my brother will be graduating from the Naval Academy, so we are here in Annapolis for Commissioning Week. Sunday we spent a whopping 12 hours in the car, so I was pretty happy to have a busy day yesterday. Just a warning, a lot of pictures of the academy are coming your way this week. There's a lot going on, and I'm excited I get to share it with you all!

We got there just in time to see the plebes finally finish the Herndon climb and get the cover to the top-- after an hour and a half of stepping on each other's heads. (read more about the tradition here)

In front of Bancroft Hall. Fun fact: it's the largest dorm in the world.

4 years at USNA, in meme form of course.

I was supposed to go to the Superintendent's Luncheon with the rest of my family, but I dropped my ticket down a crack and it was lost forever. Amanda and I got to walk around the Yard instead.

I made my Mom stop here on the way back to the house to see if I could get the ice cream I talked about here.

THEY HAD IT and it was just as delicious as I remembered. If you ever get the chance to try Hershey's Cappuccino Crunch ice cream I suggest you do it (and let me know how much you love it).

We're all staying at a little beach house that's right on the water,

So we had to go take some pictures while the sun was setting. 

I think I could get used to this.


  1. Great pics! Makes me want to take a vacation!


    1. Thank you! It's been really great to have some time off.


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