Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Favorites

Every month here on Je M'appelle Molly there will be a new, special theme which will go up every Thursday! If you have not guessed already, this month's theme is my favorite things. I thought this might give a little look into my life and some of the random things I love.

Favorite TV Show: The Office
It took me a very long time to hop on The Office train, and after watching season after season on Netflix, now I'm hooked. I'm terribly sad that it will be ending next week. [Honorable mentions: How I Met Your Mother & Parenthood]

How hilarious is this picture by the way? found here

Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee with Heath and Dark Chocolate
I've only ever had this amazing combination once, and it was in a coffee/book shop in downtown Annapolis. I think it was Hershey's brand ice cream, but ever since then I've never been able to find it.

image via pinterest

Favorite Animal: Puppies
This probably seems a bit typical and boring, but my favorite animal is a dog. More often than not I refer to them as a puppy, no matter the age or size. My puppy Hershey is a chocolate lab, and I absolutely adore her. Whenever I have a home of my own I'd like to have a Lab, and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Now that I'm blogging, I cannot wait for Christmas. I finally have a place to share my obsession, and perhaps that will keep me from bothering my friends with my excitement all the time. It just makes me so happy, and reminds me each year of what really matters.

via Instagram, photo credit to Amanda

Favorite City: Paris
The truth is is that I've actually never been there, but strangely enough I've deemed it my favorite city. I know when I finally get to visit one day I'll be in love, because frankly I already am.

image via Pinterest

So there you go! A few of my favorite things. Come back next Thursday for more. Let me know what some of your favorites are!


  1. Paris is Beautiful! The women are all stylish and stunning, even in their casual clothes, the shops luxurious, the food delicious, and the waiters exceptionally rude (hehe).
    I adore Paris, but have only been in the summer months. I hear the winters can be quite nasty though, understandably, wind and snow are never a good mix.

    Another amazing city is Berlin. If you do ever make a trip to Europe, do consider Berlin. We went for the first time 3 years back and were blown away by how cool it is. Everyone is so accepting of everyone else, the city is rich in history and the people are generally quite agreeable. Its up there with my favourites...


    1. I cannot wait until I get the chance to go one day. I know it'll be amazing. If I ever get to travel the world somehow, I'll be sure to stop in Berlin. It sounds incredible!

  2. Your comment on Essie's blog was funny and so true. ;) Feet need care - of course. But I think feet are a taboo on beauty blogs. Don't know why. :/
    Your blog is really nice. :) Follow me on bloglovin if you like.

    Diana :)

    1. I honestly hate feet, but I'm glad she shares tips about them. Thank you for checking it out! I'll have to go look at yours.

  3. Aw, your dog is such a cutie!! I love the name Hershey, what a cute idea. I am going to have to find that ice cream - yummm. -♥- Rachel (3 Giveaways going on now ☺)

    1. She's a nut. Haha. If you do please let me know!!

  4. I was the same way! I never watched the Office until a few months ago. Since then I've been addicted and I can't believe it all ends next week!


    1. Next to last episode tonight! :'( I know it will be amazing though.

  5. Great picks! I'll always love the Office and that ice cream looks incredible :)


    1. Definitely. Always a place in my heart for it! It was! I want some now.


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