Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On My List

This past year, and even last summer, life has been crazy hectic. Between work, starting college, and dealing with all the things life throws at me, it hasn't been so easy. My main goal this summer is to just relax. I want to enjoy this time I have to be at home and really make some time for myself. So, I've listed the top ten things that will help me achieve that this summer.

1. Eat fresh: It's time for salsa, salads, and watermelon.

2. Spend more time outside (whether it's in my backyard or the beach).

3. Read: There's the kicker. We'll see if I make it through my (extremely      short) list.

4. Take more walks.

5. Exercise. (more posts on this to come)

6. Spend more time with family & friends.

7. Take more photos & videos.

8. Explore Savannah: I really have missed this place.

9. Watch more movies: I've got a lot of classics to catch up on.

10. BLOG: I'm so excited to be starting this journey and I can't wait to see     where it goes.

What's on your to-do list?


  1. Hey Molly, congrats on your new blog:) I noticed your comment on cupcakes and cash so thought I'd stop by to leave a comment! cheers!

    1. Thank you so much! Emily is one of the bloggers who inspired me to start this. Thanks for stopping by!


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