Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Men's Gift Guide (Under $100!)

Last week I posted my Women's Gift Guide, which was infinitely easier to put together than this one. I don't know what it is, but guys are very hard to shop for. When it comes to finding a gift for my dad or my brother, I'm usually always stumped. I have to say, I'm quite proud of this gift guide, and I hope it gives you a couple suggestions for gifts this year. Let me know your ideas! I could use the help!

1. Christmas Socks - Target $3.99 (or 3 for $10!) - I honestly would buy these socks for myself. It is important to take pride in your sock choice. These come in 9 different designs, so the combinations are endless.

2. Comic Book - Barnes & Noble $9.03 - When my brother and I were younger we had a collection of Baby Blues comic books going. I remember my dad taking us to the store and we'd run to pick out a new book. It's just something fun to read every now and again, & not something you'd normally buy for yourself.

3. Silly Mugs - CafePress $12.99 - I just couldn't resist. Poop is funny, fart jokes are funny, and I think this is hilarious. There are all kinds of "gag" mugs out there to choose from.

4. The Sriracha Cookbook - Amazon $15.02 - I feel like every guy likes hot sauce. I've never tried it, but Sriracha seems like the popular hot sauce at the moment... which sounds ridiculous to say. I think this cookbook, along with a bottle of Sriracha would make a nice little gift for the hot sauce enthusiast in your life.

5. Beanie - Urban Outfitters $32.00 - A really nice quality beanie would make a lovely gift for any man in your life. I almost included a scarf on here, but unless your in a very cold climate, guys usually just go with beanies.

6. Box Set - Walmart $59.96 - I feel like we only ever watch TV On Demand or online nowadays. Giving someone their favorite TV show in a box set is again, not something you'd typically buy for yourself. Having the actual tangible item for yourself is a nice treat to have, though.'

7. Food Basket - World Market $79.99 - World Market has some pretty impressive food baskets in stock. I went with the Bacon basket for this guide, because like Sriracha, most every guy is obsessed with bacon. Just food in general really.

8. Shave Kit - The Art of Shaving $80.00 - A luxurious shaving kit would be a nice treat for any man in your life. Even though they probably won't admit it, sometimes guys like to feel pampered too.

9. Watch - Macy's $95.00 - This can be a tricky gift to give, because sometimes guys are very particular about their watches. However, what's one more watch in their collection? You really don't have to spend loads of money to find a nice watch, just do a bit of research first.

Well, that's all for my Men's Gift Guide! I'll be posting another guide next week, so if you haven't quite found the perfect gift for someone, don't worry!


  1. Nice gift ideas!


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