Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Friday

It's been a crazy couple of weeks getting back into the routine of things. Now that I'm back at school I don't have quite as much time on my hands, so I haven't been updating as much. But thank you all for hanging around while I figure things out! I'm so glad it's finally the weekend, and a long one too. I'm excited to watch some football, hang out with my friends, and not worry about school (and finding yet another job).

Amanda came to visit me when I got to school. My room was a little freezing.

Throwing it back to our younger crafting days. Me and my brother are quite the artists.

 Red, buff, and green roses for Recruitment Week. It was crazy hectic, but so awesome. Go AGD!

Our Bid Day banner! I adore it.

Getting this sweet print & letter in the mail made my day. Thanks Tara!

Enjoy your time off & have a lovely weekend!

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