Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School Thoughts

This month's Thursday Theme is all about going back to school. Since I head back tomorrow, I wanted to share a couple thoughts that I've been having with you all... I feel like I haven't done that in a while. It seems like yesterday I was headed to college for the first time, really not knowing what to expect. Although I've made some good friends and I sort of know what to expect from classes now, I have a bit of that same feeling. Sometimes we're just thrown into things and it takes a while to figure them out. You're in high school and all of the sudden you have to pick a college and a major, and once your there you have to think about a job, and money, and your future... and it can be really scary. I'm going into my Sophomore year though, so I do have some time to figure things out even if the thoughts are always in the back of your head. But, despite all the stress about future and all of that confusion, my goal for this year is to not worry too much. To just relax, have fun with my friends, find out where I fit into this crazy world... and of course get good grades. So I'll leave you with that, and with a few snapshots from my Freshman year.

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