Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I always start to want to make change around this time of year. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons, or getting back into school, but all of the sudden I feel like something isn't right. I want a hair cut or I want to focus on working out again. I second guess myself and wonder if I'm choosing the right path in life (whoa, there). I think about my future and worry and stress myself out and it just all becomes kind of silly. Sure, I think it's healthy to question yourself, to mentally check-in and see how things are going, but I don't think it is okay to worry so much. Change is good, it's a natural thing, but you have to slow down a bit. There's no need to change everything at once. So, just calm down. You won't be able to change everything overnight.

Now, hopefully I can take my own advice.

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