Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo Friday

This past week I have really struggled to motivate myself to do, well, anything really. The last few days I've just sort of been in a funk and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I miss home, or because I need a normal night of sleep (which in my world requires more than the average 8 hours), or because I'm simply just being lazy. Whatever it is, it needs to get better. Thankfully, it's the weekend and I'll be able to take a little break. I hope you have a lovely one, and I'll leave you with a few of my Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks. :)

We went to the Drive-In while I was in Annapolis and it was SO COOL. I wish we had one here.

A Navy touchdown celebration.

Currently procrastinating on a paper I have to write about this very neighborhood where these train tracks reside.

A throwback to my sweet Midnight who is up in puppy heaven.

The carousel at the fair!

Tickets to a bake sale event that my sorority had on Wednesday.

Me & two of my sisters at that very event. I don't have their permission to put this on my blog... but they should know better by now, right?

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  1. Your dog is adorable, and losing a pet is the worst!


    1. Thank you! It happened a couple years ago, but I still miss that sweet girl.


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