Monday, June 3, 2013

A Haul For You All

After a few trips to the store, I've accumulated a few different products I wanted to share with you all. My hair has gotten pretty long and it's become a bit difficult to manage so I wanted to buy a few products that might help with that. I went to Ulta to find the Not Your Mother's Detangler, but it wasn't in stores. Instead I picked up the Tangle Teezer which I am convinced is a Houdini brush. If you have long or tangled hair, I highly recommend it. To help with serious tangles, I picked up Johnson's detangler because kids detanglers always seem to do a good job (who knows). I've seen a few tutorials using products similar to the Hot Tools Rollers, so I thought I'd give them a try as well, since my hair takes forever to style. I also picked up Target's Blackhead Scrub, NYC's Sunny Bronzer, and Orly's Rage; a few products I've been wanting to purchase.

Sorry about the short post! I have to write this quickly because tomorrow (well, today) I'm starting my first day of work and I have to be up at 6... which is a difficult task for me. Wish me luck. Are there any products you've recently purchased?


  1. I definitely need to get the Detangler and Tangle Teezer brush - my hair's a mess! But check out my blog, please? I'm kind of new :)


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