Monday, April 14, 2014

Thoughts on a Monday (Numero Dos)

Random Monday thoughts...
-Does anyone want to do my laundry?
-How about that French homework?
-Paris seems amazing, I'd just rather skip that class.
-2 more weeks of classes and I'll be free.
-What the heck am I going to do all summer?
-The joy of finding summer jobs.
-The joy of summer though.
-I can't wait to be home.
-School is cool, but dorm rooms & the beach 3 hours away sucks.
-Homeward bound this weekend.
-My mom is the best.
-Lena Dunham magazine covers await.
-Girls needs to come back on.
-All my favorite shows are ending.
-Let's finish watching Freaks & Geeks first.
-Along with some M&Ms and gummy bears.
-So, about that laundry...

Someone please save me from my boredom. Happy Monday.

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